Photo by Jean Filion

About me

I am a fine art landscape and contemporary portrait photographer based dually in Toronto—the city that holds my heart—and my hometown of Seattle. As a child I eagerly saved up “points” from my Scholastic book sales to obtain my first camera: A little no-name fluorescent orange film camera that changed my life. In grade 2, a lifetime passion was sparked.

Working with a variety of film cameras and a Fuji X-T1, I capture the ambiance I see without the lens. Completely controlling the look of my images, I also like to develop my film and process the images. Printing my own photos finishes the process. I love the process of choosing the film and the paper for each photo and subject! The paper chosen makes a huge impact on the look and feel of the printed image. I truly feel that looking at a picture on a computer screen is no substitute for a physical print.

In my other life I am an astronomer and planetary scientist, which I think explains why I am drawn to photographing the world in black and white during the day and in colour at night: To me the universe comes alive at night, when you can see the moon and stars and Milky Way overhead. Exploring urban scapes at night is also a passion of mine. Seeing the hidden sides and aspects of people and places is my greatest calling.